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QR Codes: A Heaven for Brands, Here is Why!

Internet reaches into the phone and with the high rate of smartphone penetration in the region, a relationship with a brand doesn’t have to end the moment people step out the door or while they are away from their computers.

Mobile barcodes can help consumers & brands interact together extending the offline world and making it clickable.

Any phyical world that lies outside the borders of audience’s online life, resides now at the palm of any mobile owner.

QR Codes are the paper-based links that are similar to any web address but Instead of typing a long URL, you are giving your audience the opportunity to simply scan it through mobile and being taken to an adventure you control immediately.

And because that content is stored in the cloud, advertisers can dynamically change mobile content associated with each specific code without having to reprint the code it self. This leads to infinite possibilities that never existed before.

Mobile barcodes will make static ads interactive, and will bring social media everywhere. It will allow you too to measure the performance of your print campaigns for the first time.

Your customers will be curiously interested and will be able to turn their interest into action, by augmenting mobile barocodes into any brand’s print campaign or at retailers’ window fronts.

Brands will explode the potential of their marketing campaign, direct their customers towards any call-to-action right from consumers smartphone which can turn a suggestion into a direction and into a lead.

Mobile barcodes provide limitless opportunities to brands so they can keep up with today’s mobile consumers.
The future is bright and it is mobile too. Leverage it today.


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